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Are you looking to start your own MySpace tracking site but don't want to spend the time and money developing the system? Or maybe you're interested in developing a web application and are in need of a well developed back end system that will accelerate the development process? If so, look no further.

The system has been regarded as one of the top tracking systems to date because of it's multi-level tracking abilities. The system tracks users based off several different checks, not just and IP address or a cookie like all other tracking systems. For this very reason, the MySpaceWatcher system is regarded as one of the most accurate trackers available on the market.

With a feature packed administration panel and advanced statistical and graphical reporting, the MySpaceWatcher framework will help you to become a top leading tracker as well.

Features Include:
  • Object Oriented backend framework written in PHP for fast, optimal performance.
  • 100% open source code.
  • Scalable, modular framework for fast development.
  • Search engine optimized for increased search engine rankings.
  • Templating system so you only edit HTML, not the code that powers the site.
  • Advanced tracking code that remains hidden from visitors to the user's myspace profile.
  • Distorted Captcha security technology that ensures that no automated signups are made.
  • Advertisment system setup for AdBrite and Google AdSense.
  • RSS / Atom syndication for blogs.

  • Advanced Administration Panel includes:
    • Detailed signup statistics showing signups by day, week, month, and year.
    • Advanced user administration section allows you to view / edit / delete user details.
    • Alert section allows you to post an alert to all users. Dissapears after the user has read the alert.
    • Page editor so that you can edit all web pages on your site through a single, simple form.
    • Contact form setup so you control the types of contact and what email address to send email to.
    • Google Sitemaps to keep Google up to date with changes to your site for increased search engine rankings.

  • Advanced User Section includes:
    • Automated myspace crawler to determine users total friends, current image, last login, and more.
    • In-depth statistics showing views based on days, weeks, months and years.
    • Graphical statistics showing views per day, week, month, year and more.
    • Google Maps location by user's zip code.
    • View user details for any user.
    • Advanced user search for time frames and date ranges.

If you're interested in starting your own tracker at a fraction of the cost of building your own, or interested in useing an advanced framework as the basis for your web application, please email us at for pricing and information.